About Us

About irupes.com

Irupes.com is unique and exciting way to simply make you earn money. It’s rewarding. It’s about mobile recharging for free. It’s simple. Irupes.com aims to focus on providing free mobile recharge to its users.

Irupes offers free mobile recharge in simplest and most convenient way to its consumers. Our users use learning and entertaining methods to recharge their mobile. There are plenty of exciting quizzes, trending content, personality tests, latest Bollywood games to reward our users.

Why Free mobile recharge?

Since 95% of mobile phone subscribers in India use prepaid mobile phones, so we thought of giving free mobile recharge to our users. To make it more interesting, we have used some gamification techniques such as guess submission, games, and rewards based on activity on the site.

We believe in giving more and more to our users. Keeping this in mind we are working towards adding some more interesting categories on Irupes.

Here is a brief idea of how to earn:-

• Register with us using a valid Email and phone number to earn Rs. 2.
• Refer a friend and earn a bonus of Rs.1 as he/she successfully creates an account on Irupes.com.
• Play games and quizzes on our website to earn unlimited.
• You can also redeem your earnings in the form of FREE mobile recharge.

Just register on the website and play games. More you play more Free Recharge you can claim. The amount earned by the users can be redeemed in the form of Mobile Recharge only. Only Prepaid Mobile Number users can claim a Free Recharge from this website. By keeping our users largely in view, we have included all the Major Telecom Operators for your maximum benefits.

So, just register. Recharge your phone and earn money along with having fun!!!

Everything on Irupes is free and will always be.